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About Us

With a great understanding of technology and a deep love on art design we work closely with our clients to turn an idea into a reality with a seamless and interactive approach to digital design. Our mission is simple; understand our clients business, develop cool digital experiences and accomplish their expectations.

Our skills

• Understanding our clients business
• Proposing and conceptualizing ideas based on client needs
• Developing IT solutions having both cool user interfaces and complex/robust business logic
• Led projects to completition within scope and budget
• Accomplish client expectations on each delivery with our well known high-quality criteria

Who we are

Innicia is a leading edge digital agency focused on the creation, conceptualization and development of innovative ideas turned on world class multiplatform applications. We started as a software company and over the years we work hard to improve our value added competencies; creativity, design skills and a deep understanding of our client needs with the quality that defined us.

Our main industries

• Media & Entertainment
• Media Agencies
• Top Brands
• Banking
• Tourism

We are not an art design company, we are not a software factory; we are just the ideal mix of both worlds.

Our Services

We build digital experiences for all different channels such as web, mobile, tablet, console and smart TV on the device or platform of your choosing. Our deep technical expertise together with our innovative and creative design skills allows us to provide award-winning applications for our clients.


Usually customers have an insight of a project, marketing campaign or product but they don’t know how to make it true. Innicia help them in the process of conceptualization and realization of the idea working together on different aspects such as brainstorming, conceptualization and mockups realization.


In any aspect of our live, first impression really matters. Users make decisions on which apps to use based on a couple of screenshots or judge web sites at a glance. This means that design is really important, but it’s more than just look nice. Our design group is focused effusively on user interface and user experience design.

Mobile & Tablet

In the past years mobile and tablet becomes one of the most important markets. We know it is the most relevant channel when a company is looking for visibility, awareness and closeness to the end user. As a technology agnostic company our expertise coverage on mobile application development includes all known platforms.


Although digital era is focused on mobile, we don’t forget that web presence is still a MUST for any company. This solutions is key to enhance your engagement with your audience. A delightful design and an intuitive user experience is crucial, and this is where our expertise relies. Our expert team manage a wide range of technologies to achieve that. We focus not only on creating sites that look great but also on sites that deliver results.

Smart TV & Consoles

A new market is growing behind Smart TV and Console. We help our clients create new business opportunities transporting their branded experience into living rooms or play rooms. Innicia develop native TV apps across multiple Smart TV’s platforms together with console apps.

Now, it’s your move.

If you have any question, want to request a quote or even want to talk about the weather; go ahead and call us. We will be pleased to chat with you!


Río Negro 1320, Piso 6 Montevideo, Uruguay, 11.100

+ (598) 2 903 14 03 / 2 908 21 82

New York

130 West 42nd Street, Suite 714, New York, NY 10036

+ (1) 212 9339 886